Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo Shoot

Last Friday, while out running errands we took some much overdue pictures. While doing this, I realized that Naomi CAN NOT remain still for any amount of time. I had to get everyone else in postion, smiling & looking at me...and stay that way so I could snap a picture when she came back to the group.

In this picture she was running all over the place and would randomly plop down. It was in that brief moment I would take the picture. This one is my favorite...it captures her perfectly.

After this day, I realized why it had been so long since our last photo shoot...aside from having the camera broken and not having one for awhile:) You can't tell from the pictures, but this was total chaos and afterwards I felt like a white trash mama yelling at her kids to sit down and shut up. Oops...we aren't supposed to say 'shut up' in our house. Oh well, from the pictures they look like such a sweet bunch. LOL. I wouldn't change all this craziness for anything...well, maybe a warm sandy beach...somedays:)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I had my first doctors appointment today...I'm due April 8th!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sunday Evening Fun cont.

Uh oh, he's got that look...

And he jumped.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Notice her hand...I love it!:)

Sunday Evening Fun cont.

Here's some of the kids roasting marshmallows.

Looks like Naomi lost her marshmallow.

A little volleyball over the woodpile.

And, this picture I just really liked:)

Sunday Evening Fun

Last Sunday, we had a quiet evening at home. So, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went outside. The kids rode the go-cart, 3-wheeler, and we roasted marshmallows.

Naomi is not driving, just pretending.

Early Morning Fishing

Last Saturday, Adam, Jacob & Heidi woke up early and went fishing. Adam said those two love to fish...they just cast and reel, cast and reel.

Adam caught the catfish, Jacob caught the medium one and Heidi caught the one she's holding.

Repelling and Photo Shoots

Two weeks ago the kids and I drove to Peoria, IL to watch my sister repell from a 7 story building. Why would she do this, you ask? She works for Boy Scouts of America and it was for a fundraisor. This was way out of her comfort box, so very worth the three hour drive. She had a set time to repell...and wouldn't you know it...her husband, Ryan and I missed it!!! She went early! But, out of love for us both...she did it again so we could see. That there is love!:)

This is the 7 story building she repelled from. My knees were shaking just looking at it from the ground! Afterwards, the kids and I, my mom, my sister Mollie, and my sister Amanda and her husband went to Chili's for lunch. My favorite...and we don't have one in Quincy.:) After lunch we attempted a quick girls picture. Not so much. I only posted a few out of the many that were taken. Thanks Shawn!

Mollie doing a little tree trimming.

So, there we are...left to right...Mollie, me, mom, Amanda.